Torches and regulators

I have two large cutting torches and three regulators I'd like some info on to make a keep-or-sell decision.

1) PUROX -- 20-1/2 inches long, marked C84-42, three tubes, works but needs a new tip, clean looking, but dented tubes, no froze-up fittings. (Some ham-handed character apparently beat on things with the thing.)

2) VICTOR -- 22-1/2 inches long, two tubes not dented as much as 1, untested, needs new fuel valve (hose fitting incorporated into fuel valve, threads battered) and tip, (same as above) clean, handle/mixer? tarnished to dark brown.

3) HARRIS -- 0-60 psi low pressure gauge, 0-500 high pressure gauge, works. Possibly for propane?

4) HARRIS O2 -- Model 25-100, works OK, although there was fear and trembling in the old shop when I first cracked the tank valve. :)

5) Tap-Rite O2, untested, (no correct fitting -- internal threaded nut with flat mating surface) has a hose barb on the output

Both torches had battered tips. I had to file them about 1/16" just to find the other two preheat holes then clean them. (Only four showed on either torch.)

Couldn't find anything via Google except that maybe ESAB now owns the PUROX product line, no info on the specific torch.

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