Tumble polishing

I'm curious about anyone who has experience with LARGE tumbling
We have a large volume (perhaps up to several tons a day) of oblong
ceramic balls that we would like to make more round. Yes, no metal is
involved but I've heard more about tumble polishing with ball bearings
and things rather than ceramics.
Would tumbling with, say, SiC or other abrasive particles accomplish
this reasonably efficiently. Is there a better process for very large
Any good books or sources on the principals of tumbling that i should
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I have a 10hp 6' x 4' tumbler that we polish wood blocks with. I don't think that tumbling will change your shape much, just smooth and polish.
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it might round off edges a bit, but it won't make them round if they are not already almost there.
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To the OP -- how large are these ceramic balls, and how eccentric is the oblong shape? By "more round", do you mean more spherical?
If these balls are a couple inches or less across, and off by less than a mm or so, buy or make a bunch of marble mills, as shown eg at
Or you might be able to set up a ball grinding pipeline using a modified form of the cast iron rollers shown at 1:00 - 1:30 in
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James Waldby
the balls are only 5-6 mm.
Actually, though they are friable before curing, they can be cured after they are made spherical, so the cast iron rollers in the video could work very well. The other type of marble mill would be a huge pain if processing millions of balls a day as we are.
great suggestions, thanks.
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