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Hi all,

Just thought I'd let you know about my experience with Dealers Electric (insert usual disclaimer about not being related in any way to DE). I bought a VFD and 1 HP motor from them on the recommendation of Paul T. on this board, and after lots of helpful suggestions from others.

I got the thing wired up, but found the manual slightly obtuse. It was

4:45PM on the east coast where DE is, so I gave them a quick ring hoping they could at least point me in the right direction. Harold answered (who had been very helpful when I bought the VFD/motor and even found an 1140RPM motor for me), but was just leaving for the weekend. He volunteered to call me from his cell phone while driving home. He called on his dime, and spent 20 minutes walking me through programming the VFD and setting various parameters. It works great and will be a huge improvement over the old motor.

This wasn't a big sale. The combo was $282, and yet Harold really went above and beyond in making sure I was happy and that everything worked. Harold and DE deserve an "atta-boy". When it comes time for a VFD for my mill, I know who I'm calling.

Thanks again to all of you that responded to my earlier post asking for help.



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Peter Grey
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Always good to give a plug for those companies that go the extra mile in service regardless of the size of the customer.

Pete C.

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Pete C.

Very good to know. I'm about to enter VFD-land.

In general it's a very useful and noble feature of these groups to have good consumer feedback on products, services, companies. Good companies really should be rewarded for their efforts, as well. Lord knows there are so few of them, and it's a shame they have to scrap for a share of the pie amidst all the effing hustlers out there. The MisInformation Age, I spose...

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Proctologically Violated©®

"Pete C." wrote: Always good to give a plug for those companies that go the extra mile in service regardless of the size of the customer. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "Extra mile." I guess so, since he was talking on his cell phone while driving home.

"regardless of the swize of the customer." Why, how much does Peter Grey weigh?

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Leo Lichtman

"Pete C." wrote

And here's a plug for McMaster-Carr. I ordered some stuff Thursday afternoon about 3:30. UPS had it here at 11:00 AM Friday morning. Amazing. I've heard of this here on the group but was still amazed when it happened to me. It was my first order from them but won't be my last.

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Tom Wait

I had only positive experiences with them as well. I buy a lot of stuff from them, comparatively speaking -- all the staples, screws, terminals etc.

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Becareful & check your invoices. They once billed me for several dollars more than the invoice amount they emailed me as confirmation of a web order. And no, it wasn't for shipping.

Doug White

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Doug White

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