Virdigis on knife

While unpacking from my long awaited move to the country I came across
an old Buck folding hunter. It had been stored in it's leather belt
pouch for about 12 years. It was in fine condition except for an
accumilation of green gunk. I cleaned it off by buffing the brass
parts with a course rag and it looked fine but it smelled bad. When
ever I use it that smell gets on my hands. And the green gunk keeps
coming back. What's the best way to treat the knife and/or the leather
pouch to get rid of the virdigis and the nasty old brass smell?
Thanks in advance for any useable suggestions. 73 Gary de N9ZSV
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I have used it on my lathe too place a protective layer on the bare metal parts, and it works wery well!
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Haaken Hveem
The pouch is suffering from either rot or rotting oil. As for the green stuff, if you carry it every day, it wont get green again.
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That sounds more like mold than corrosion. Some sort of fungicidal wash of the sheath will probably solve the problem.
After washing the inside and out of the sheath with, say, diluted bleach water, thoroughly dry it, then treat with Neat's Foot Oil.
Then wear the knife daily, and use it often.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Certain types of tanning processes will do this with brass in contact with the leather. I'd suggest buying a nylon web sheath, they're cheap. You can wax the brass all day long and treat the inside of the leather pouch with various nostrums, but it'll still eventually react with what's in the leather and get that verdigris coating back. Just one of those things. It used to happen a lot with cops that carried their ammo in leather belt loops. Most police belts and attachments are synthetic now.
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I believe you're right Stan. I am wearing it on my belt every day and the damn virdigis keeps forming in the same place on the brass fittings. Synthetic will be replaceing leather at least for that application. Thanks and 73 Gary
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