What machines would this chuck fit?

I recently picked up an Atlas 12x36 lathe, and with it was a 9" diameter 3 jaw Cushman chuck with a 2 1/4"-8 threaded backplate. Obviously to big for the Atlas, but what machines could take this chuck?



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Huh? 9 < 12, right?

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The OP obviously means to ask what lathes (or other machines) have a

2-1/4x8 sp> Bruno wrote:
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Edward Greeley

Yes, 9 < 12, but 2 1/4" spindle > 1 1/2" as found on the Atlas.

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Yes -- but not all 12" lathes are made equal. My 12x24" Clausing came with a 2-1/4x8 spindle thread. Other lathes that have been listed by other followups also use the same spindle thread.

And essentially, I think that a 2-1/4-8 is the minimum spindle nose which will accept a closer for 5C collets. (So does the L-00 spindle nose, with which I preplaced my 2-1/4x8 spindle, which has the advantage that I can do serious cuts in reverse without worrying about the chuck unscrewing from the spindle.)

Essentially, the 12" Atlas is a relatively lightweight 12" -- as are some other Clausings which I have seen -- with a longer bed, but not enough spindle hole to handle the 5C collets.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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