What's in a name: Remington

The Remington name is certainly associated with firearms and I have read some of that history.

There are Remington typewriters, and I assume that company evolved into Remington Rand computer systems, much like IBM did. Who was Rand?

Is there any connection between the two? ISTR the name being used in other contexts that don't come to mind right now.

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Al Dykes
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I was always under the assumption that Rand was short for Research and Development.


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Jerry Foster

They make a nice "grit-edge" rod saw (round hacksaw blade, cuts darn-near anything), which (sacrilege but true) holds up FAR better than the crappy piece of junk that I figured would be good since it had the Starrett name on it (grit peeled right off of that).

They also make a powder activated fastener (shoot nails into concrete, metal, etc) line that has obvious connections with the rim-fire ammunition part of the firearms line.

Without bothering to go look, I suspect that have a website that will lay it all out, or direct you to the various divisions.

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Al Dykes wrote: Who was Rand?

James Rand.


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Remington Rand was formed by the 1927 merger of the Remington Typewriter Company, Rand Kardex Company, and Powers Accounting Machine Company. From 1942 to 1945, Remington Rand was one manufacturer of the M1911A1 .45 caliber automatic pistol used by the United States Armed Forces during World War II. Remington Rand produced more M1911A1 pistols than any other wartime manufacturer. Remington Rand was acquired by Sperry Corporation in 1955 to form a company then known as Sperry Rand Sperry merged in 1986 with Burroughs to form Unisys. Remington Rand also made electric razors. The Remington brand of razor was originally produced by a division of Remington Rand, starting in

1937. Sperry Corporation sold the division in 1979 to Victor Kiam, who became the company spokesman of the new Remington Products Company
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clare at snyder.on.ca

I worked for Univac in 1971-73 designing keypunches and punched card readers (guess I'm a chad expert). Our factory was located in Utica, NY. It was an old Remington Arms plant that made rifles in the 1800s. Wooden floors, heavy oak beams and we made computer peripherals there. One of our older mechanical engineers had worked for Remington typewriter in the 40s so the typewriter and rifle company were related back then at least.

As part of Sperry Rand the comglomerate made computers (Univac), Shavers (Remington), typewriters (well we resold someone's), calculators (we re sold Canon units), farm equipment (New Holland), aircraft navigation systems and Sidewinder missiles (Sperry).

At the company store we could buy the small stuff at great discounts and for larger stuff like a New Holland yard tractor we got rebates. For fun we asked if we could get a combine and a rebate and corporate said yes and the rebate was five figures.

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