What to Bring to Visalia and What to Expect If I Get There

I made a post like this about a week ago and it just plain
disappeared. I sell used machines, I hope most of you know that by
now, and am still wavering about Visalia. I am so deep in the new
house/workshop project that I can hardly justify taking time for the
show. I am so overwhelmed in machinery inventory I can hardly not go.
Since I have a 16 foot tandem trailer I sure can't take everything so
what would you like to see there. I have 5 lathes, 12" or smaller,
some sheet metal equipment, a couple of small mills, drill presses, a
Lista cabinet, a couple of compressors and a modest amount of smalls.
Please, ADVICE!! Leigh@MarMachine
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Leigh Knudson
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Well, if Visalia is anything like the Cabin Fever show(s) earlier this year on the East Coast, you will probably regret not going for the rest of your life. Attendance at CF was great, interest was keen, a lot of money changed hands. CF was a fine, funky show. For Visalia, load up the trailer, get some booth space and go at it! Bring some giveaways, sale flyers, candy, etc. Good looking women (booth bunnies) in the booth also help. Price your stuff to move, and you will have an empty trailer to haul home.
Leigh Knuds> I made a post like this about a week ago and it just plain
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Marv Soloff
I heard that Iron Fever was not nearly as good...
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Charles A. Sherwood
Didn't make Iron Fever.
Charles A. Sherwood wrote:
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Marv Soloff
I'd have to say that Iron Fever was a bit bigger in terms of vendors and displays, and a bit better attended, than the first Cabin Fever (the first year in Leesport). It looked less well attended as the York Fairgrounds complex is huge compared to Leesport. Not knowing Gary or Jared other than to say hi and thanks for the show I have no idea if this impression is close to fact.
I certainly had a nice time, saw some very good stuff, and spent a fair bit of money at the show :-) It was nowhere near the scale of this years Cabin Fever, but still a nice show.
Many of the vendors were also at the big Threshermans reunion show over in Kinzers, about 45 minutes to the east, so I think the timing works OK. It's harder for many folks to go chase hobby time during the couple of weeks before school starts, and in the midst of summer when folks are wrapped up in outdoor stuff, camps, all the summer things.
Cheers, Stan
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Stan Stocker
I guess I am in the category of "just enjoy them" and I will be driving the car, not the truck. I don't expect to spend much except the entry fee.
I did pass the word and have maybe three others that might show up. They were
not on the mailing list or have the ads.
Anyway I have the hotel reservation and expect to see many RCM people.
In my opinion Visalia was a very good choice as it is with in driving distance of major population centers. Besides, it is a nice town..
Bill K7NOM
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Bill Janssen

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