Where to get old Kennedy chest keys?

Greetings all,

Anyone have an idea of where I can get a key(s) for older Kennedy chests? I have a few of the older 620's and 520's that I'd like the ability to lock, but Kennedy (expectedly) doesn't have keys or even replacement locks (also expectedly) for these old timers anymore. The locks are the ones that were secured to the front of the box with three rivets on the lower part of the latch, and two holding the top part on the lid.

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Good locksmiths can make keys for most any lock. I used to buy quality padlocks without keys at flea markets when I could get them cheap, take them to the locksmith and have a key made, then sell the now-keyed padlocks and make money. Give it a try.


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Grant Erwin

I have one of those. The latch is on the outside of the box? Try a pair or pliers, a screwdriver, a pocket knife, or perhaps a Bic pen. Flimsy at best.

"Honest people honest" and all that, but unless they're going to take the whole box, perhaps you should consider replacing that lock with the new style.



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Robin S.

Robin, shame on you for advocating such wanton destruction.

Go to the locksmith, he will be able to make you your keys. I know this as am a locksmith.

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Roger Shoaf


Is this something they might be able to do by just seeing the one key I do have, along with the key/lock numbers for the others?

I ask, because it's evidently more difficult than expected to find an actual locksmith, with most simply being parts changers.

Thanks for your time,


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