where to get steel?

I'm interested in making a graver's ball for myself. It is basically
a 4, 6, or 8" sphere of solid mild steel with a wooden ring on bottom
for it to rotate in, a vise stuck on top, and several bearings inside
so that it can rotate at the equator. I'm fairly new to machining, so
a 4" ball vise will be good practice if nothing else, and still useful
for small items, although what I'm really interested in is machining a
larger 6-9" diameter ball for myself. Most parts are fairly basic.
But where can I get either a 6-9" ball (i.e., if anything on earth
might use ball bearings of that size, which I could scavenge?) or 6-9"
solid mild steel rod from which to machine the ball in separate
hemispheres? I'm building it half for fun, but half to save money, so
if it costs me $2+/lb for the steel it's not worth it. Any ideas on
where to find stock, perhaps some sort of scrap, of such a dimension,
and affordably? I live in Cambridge, MA.
-Bernard Arnest
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Bernard Arnest
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in Meriden CT. I was there a couple of weekends ago and they have a large selection of steel in the odds and ends building. I don't recall if there was any stock in as large size as you are interested in but it might be worth a call or email. Their price was $.75 per pound.
Errol Groff
Instructor, Machine Tool Department
H.H. Ellis Technical High School 643 Upper Maple Street Danielson, CT 06239
New England Model Engineering Society
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Errol Groff
Try a large dealer in heavy duty construction equipment. A vibratory compactor used for compacting highway subgrade material uses a pair of very large diameter steel balls rotating inside a pair of ball bearing races - one on each end . The balls are free inside the race, and come up to speed to produce a eccentric force that is transmitted to the ground. Dave
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David Anderson
Just a heads up...old bowling balls get used a lot for this sort of work. And its easy to mill a flat in it for the vise, tap well, and may be dropped into a small trailer tire sans wheel for stability.
And you can pick em up at the Goodwill for $5
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