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Pretty awesome!
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Wasn't really even out doing yard sales today as I figured there
wouldn't be many on a holiday weekend. But stopped at one on the way in
to see a customer, and scored a Cardinal Model 140 Speed Vise w/4" jaws,
made in Glendale Calif. It's cast steel, and fairly old school I'd wager.
I have a lovely and quite old Craftsman vise, the cast steel kind that
will take endless abuse, and a brand spanking new 6" Starrett vise, the
one with the back jaw that can be unlocked and pivot for non-parallel
parts. I normally wouldn't give a vise a second glance, but my first
glance spotted the fact the lead screw passes through what was obviously
a vertical slot in the front jaw, and it was made this way.
The screw is almost an undercut buttress thread. Loosen the handle half
a turn, lift, and the front jaw can be easily slid throughout it's
entire travel!
That was just slick enough for me to cough up $15.
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Jon Anderson
And it's not the drill press vise made by Cardinal that many might be familiar with, it's a regular bench vise.
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Jon Anderson

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