Where can I buy a small drawer cabinet

I ave this CNC mill
formatting link

And in the pendant, there is empty space where the original Heidenhain
control once was. There is a rectangular space inside where I could
fit a drawer cabinet, 10" wide, 8" tall, 10" deep. I would like to buy
something that would be as close as possible to this, but not exceed
this dimension. Two or three drawers would be ideal, I would keep
measuring tools, probe etc, in there to be used on the mill.
So, where can I find something like this. Steel, wood, plastic all
OK. I would say that each shelf needs to hold 5 lbs of stuff.
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Now is the time to learn woodworking and start your own wood shop area! Joking.
Find a neighbor with a woodworking shop and trade him something for the shelves.
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I've gotten several cabinets in sizes similar to what you're describing from Wal-Mart, and have seen them at Harbor Freight and in the Jameco catalog.
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Joe Pfeiffer
Maybe the trick is to find the drawers or cabinet and then interface it inside and out to fit the needed surfaces.
It could be a sheet metal job - bending brake.... But I like the idea of a pre-built box with structure.
Maybe a Rubber Maid bucket that seals out coolant! Build a door.
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