WTB - Brass Plate

I need a crowning touch for a gate I made my daughter. I need a brass plate
to cover the locking mechanisms. I have been to all the trophy shops and
metal shops, but all they have is too thin and flimsy.
I need a piece of flat brass plate at least 6 3/4" x 2", and it has to be
thick enough not to bend easily. I would way .090" or better, but
preferrably not more than .125" I can cut it down if bigger, and want
something that I can polish up and clearcoat. It is going next to a door
handle and deadbolt, so want to be able to shine it up.
e mail me.
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randy replogle
Hobby store. K&S metals. I'm looking at a piece .092" x 2" x 12", number on the barcode is 6 141121 10229 3. I bought it at Hub Hobbies in St. Paul, MN.
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Don Foreman
You might want to stop by Home Cheepo or similar and see if a brass "door kickplate" feels stiff enough for your purposes. They are already polished and coated, but you can remove the coating with paint stripper if you need to refinish the piece after you've cut it and done whatever else you need to do to it.
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Jeff Wisnia
Some Ace hardware stores in our area (Twin Cities) are now stocking the K&S metal supplies now.
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Don Stauffer
You also might want to look at Small Parts Inc.
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Search for "brass sheet". They have 0.125" sheet and are a very good supplier of small quantities.
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Bob Chilcoat
best place I have found to buy brass is:
McMurray Metals 214-742-5654 fax 214-748-3305
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Charles A. Sherwood

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