Yet another NiCd charging question

We have a 9.6v Dustbuster that lost it's NiCd batteries rather quickly,
at least compared to the previous, lower voltage, Dustbuster. I have
ordered new cells to replace these, but I'm wondering about the
"charger" that the Dustbuster has. It's just a wall wart and a diode.
I.e., a trickle charger.
I seem to recall that trickle charging is not the best for NiCd's.
If not, I'm wondering whether I can use the "smart" charger that came
with my 9.6v Makita cordless drill. I'll need an adapter, clearly, but
is the Makita charger somehow specific to the Makita batteries, or will
it smart-ly charge any 9.6v NiCd?
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Bob Engelhardt
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The Makita battery has 3 terminals, so it's very likely that the charger uses temperature to stop. I'll not be using that for the Dustbuster.
When I get the nee cells, I'll check the current from the Dustbuster's trickle charger and go from there. Maybe a procedure of not always having the trickle on, or using a timer.
Thanks to all who replied and excuse me for not tagging this "OT", Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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