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I have a piece of metal that i am trying to identify if it is Zinc or not. I did the following tests

1 It doesn't stick to magnetic 2 I dropped some finger on it but no fuze 3 I dropped some HCL on it but no fuze

I tried so saturated Sodium hydroxide and it immediately showing fuzing

Is this metal made of Zinc? or how do identify Zinc metal



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for #1 - If it's not magnetic that rules out iron, steel or plated steel (galvanized).

for #3 - HCL would cause it to make Hydrogen gas bubbles.

What are you trying to say with #2?

Aluminum will react with Sodium Hydroxide in the way you describe. Is it a regular sized piece of metal, like a bar or plate? If so then calculate the volume and weigh it. Then divide weight in pounds by the volume in cubic inches. Do it accurately and report the value to 3 decimal places. Aluminum is 0.095 LB/cu in (2.643 gm/cc) and Zinc is 0.255 LB/cu in (7.049 gm/cc). As you can see zinc is much denser than aluminum. You may also have an alloy of these two or even some other material like white Tombasil or Nickel silver, etc.

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Put a drop of copper sulfate solution on it. If it's zinc, it will turn dark while aluminum will show no color change.

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Don Foreman

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Given the "fuze" spelling for "fizz", I suspect that he means "vinegar" where he typed "finger". Perhaps he is a victim of a poor computer-based translator program.

I would agree that aluminum is the first likely candidate, assuming the density works out properly.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Take a sharp tool bit and scrape a long thin curl of the material in question and then apply a torch aluminum will just melt zinc will go up in a puff of smoke.


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Get an accurate mass of the metal, and measure the volume (displacement in water). Zinc has a density of 7.13 grams per cc.

Dave Hinz

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Dave Hinz

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