American Chopper pricing question


This is entirely idle curiosity but I'm curious to know how much the bespoke bikes that that firm on "American Chopper" make sell for ? And how may they make each year if anyone knows or can estimate the answers.



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50 to 100 thousand US$ plus

insane, I know.

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Guy Fawkes

The bikes you see on the program are mostly what they term ,theme bikes (commissions) for companies and a few well off individuals . Orange County Choppers do produce production bikes that ordinary punters can purchase ,some are basic choppers and some more detailed ,the price increases relatively to the amount of detail . They do have a website where you can see more of thier products. I dont have a link ,but it will come up on Google easily enough.

Personally I find thier theme bike creations very garish and not practical at all.

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