Blatant commercial plug

OK it's a blatant plug for some stuff I'm flogging on eBay - decided I needed to generate some more horizontal surfaces for the stuff I've been buying

Here is what I think is a micro spot welder used in dental labs for making up tooth braces and the like

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And here is a spectrometer that I've been using for working out what is in the alluminum and zinc alloys I've been casting in my home foundry (always a problem when working with unknown scrap)

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I also have a couple of rather large dual channel spectrophotometers tucked away that plot a graph of the transmission or absorbtion spectum of a sample that I was going to modify to automate the process - not yet on ebay and strictly collect only from Bromley at £125 each


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Andrew Mawson
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Next you be wanting entry to the Worshipful Order of Cynical Traders.

Not going to happen mate, your the wrong side of Watford Gap. Might run at Associate Member, twice removed. [ Once from the Rose and Crown for fighting and the other from the chippy for asking for haddock on a Monday.]

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

Chippies don't open down there on Mondays - the customers are finishing off Sunday's side of beef.


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Ken Parkes

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