Bridgeport Interact speed control valve

Has anyone ever had dealings with the re sealing of the valve that controls
the brake and speed control of an interact?
I need to know if the repair kit I was quoted £44 for is the going rate, or
if standard 'O' rings will do the job. The Valve is a Univer 1001.
Another question, I found it difficult, or more to the point, impossible, to
remove the slide bar that carries the seals, wouldn't come out either end,
is there a special technique?
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I've found out it comes apart, helpful PDF file on an american site. Sort of answers my own questions re o rings . Just price now and source in UK Bob
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if they are standard black nitrile rubber ones, I have quite a selection of imperial ones. I could pop some in the post to you if I have the right size?
another Bob
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Bob Minchin
Many thanks for the offer. But the PDF I found shows more than o rings unfortunately. There seems to be several special shaped seals, so it looks like I'll have to put up with the £44 for the kit. Bob
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