Bristol Exhibition

Couldn't go on Fri, attack of D&V (Too much information?), so went yesterday.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the 3D printing machines

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but they'd sold out on the Friday!

Also of great interest were the radio controlled aircraft weighing a total of 25 grams, including servos. battery and motors.

Long gone are the days of clockwork escapements for radio control!

Always been in the past on the Friday, but the gangways are much freer to walk on the Sunday. We tried the alternative route down into Thornbury only to find when we got to the venue that on Sunday there was no queue at all!

No Chronos stall but RDG (purchasers of Myfords) had come all the way down from the north country.

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Sunday was my first time at the Bristol show. Will certainly go in the future.

No traffic problems and the halls weren't overcrowded.

I wish the Model Engineering show could be as good, and be in a similar venue. I talked to a couple of traders who said the don't go to the ME show as it's 'not worth it'!

John H

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John H

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