Bristol Exhibition - well done that team!

From small beginnings a couple of years ago, it is now sufficiently mature for those of us in the west not to need to travel up to Leamington or across to Lunnon. (Harrogate being in the frozen industrial north has never been apposite)

Well done to the organisers.

But ... please sort out the catering for next year, because 12 noon is not unusual for the lunchtime queues to start :-(

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Totally agree Gareth, first class day out with plenty to see and learn from= . Got all the bits I wanted too. In fact these days Bristol is the first da= te to go in my new diary each christmas. I really enjoy the relaxed, friend= ly atmoshpere and almost everyone has time to stop for a chat or to answer = a question.=20

I have suffered the queues to eat before as they are a feature of these mod= el shows, thesedays I always have a larger breakfast and "dine"? after 2pm,= plenty left and not as highly priced as some other shows. Looking forward = to next year already.

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