Calling Andrew Mawson

It was me on ebay I tried to email you direct but had a problem with the address

Interested in the anti static arrangement

Thanks Andrew

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Andrew Bishop
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I wish I had a clue what you were talking about !!!!!

email me at andrew mawson org uk


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Andrew Mawson

sorry should have been peter neill having a senor moment oh dear

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Andrew Bishop

No problem:) E-mailed you back this morning.


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Peter Neill

Hi Andrew Mawson

it appears you have been selling converted CNC machines and all sorts of bespoke bits and bats over a considerable amount of time without declaring any of it to the Taxman. you are now going to have to explain quite alot to the Taxman going back some time as to where you have hidden several payments for products, and all your bank account details. People that do not pay their taxes make me really sick, thinking they do not have to contribute to society to support the running of thier county, just simple takers of other peoples money without giving anything back! Makes me sick!

Just read a list of stuff you have been up to on another site, receipts, proof of items sold along with a couple of other Tax evasionists on this site!

There is is also a couple of your friends that have been charging for CNC work without declaring thier earnings. This site has been passed onto the taxman some time ago for them to collect names of all members and investigate further. Funny thing is that Mawson claims back as tax deductable some of his own equipment, but does not declare his profits Tut Tut! Waht a mess we are in Mr Mawson!

And many of your friends it seems!

Even Jefrees is been investigated for non payment of taxes!

So called upstanding members of the community ripping the coutry off to line their own pockets, makes me and many other totally sick!

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I'm sure Gordon Brown owes everyone a huge tax rebate from what he's stolen from them.

I post under my proper name,I always think that people who post using a made up name have something to hide, or in your case I think you're a sandwich short of a picnic.

Did you know that Class "A" drugs are zero rated as regards VAT and income tax,suggest you talk to your MP about getting them taxed,too many people out there selling drugs and paying no tax. Maybe you could start a petition,but use a spell checker before you do.


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Allan Waterfall

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