Cheap heavy stuff?

I'm looking for a few kilos of very dense filler for the cast base of a
vibration measuring machine (a sort of wheel balancer on steroids). Any
Lead shot might be a starting point, but can anyone suggest anything
denser which is both fairly cheap and easily available?
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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Depleted Uranium, if you have the right connections.
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Jim Wilkins
Can you get scrap tungsten carbide cheap? I'm pretty sure it's denser than lead. Scrap value in the USA is low for small amounts. Maybe you could stop by some local machine shops and collect their scrap since you are only looking for a few kilos. Eric
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In article , writes
15.6 g/cm^3 - about 40% denser than lead.
You will get more density with lead if you cast it in situ - the packing fraction of shot will lower it by 30% or more.
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David Littlewood
I know, crush up a bunch of dull carbide inserts, pack the debris into the desired shape, and pour lead into the mess to bind it all together. Eric
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