Cheap Model Engineering Books

If anyone is looking for popular model engineering books or any books for
that matter try searching the books section at
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they seem to
be a lot cheaper that anyone else.
e.g. Stirling and Hot Air Engines by Roy Darlington is £22.46 RRP is about
and Workshop Practice books are about £5.20 instead of £6.95
Plus orders over £20 are free postage.
Because it seems to be the thing to put " I have no connection with company
other than being a satisfied customer" so I am not the owner of this
company pretending to be a happy customer (I wish, then I could have the
workshop of my dreams)
regards Paul
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Paul Swindell
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Cheers Paul!
That'll be as handy as a handy thing! It's my intention to buy one Workshop Practise book a month, if possible.
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Even cheaper use your local library. Wirral libraries have a book suggestion form if not in stock.
Mike Cole
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Ours get a big sad on though when you put them on your bookshelf for 5 years.
-- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
Visit the new Model Engineering adverts page at:-
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John Stevenson
A Hayes car manual I had on loan got left outside one night and getting just a damp started to grow some mildew. so when I returned it the assistant tock it out of stock and into the for sale pile. 5 minutes later it was mine for keeps for 20p.
Mike Cole
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