Completley off topic eBay rant!

I bought some software from a seller last week on a "Buy-It-Now", 21k feedbacks with a 99.5% positive feedback score.

Good enough I thought, he was on surface the cheapest seller I could see so I went ahead and paid for it right away with Paypal.

It was only when I got the the end of that process that the VAT got added on.

The slippery bastard did not mention the addition of VAT in the item description, which according to ebay's listing policy he must do....and here is a copy and paste of that policy (ebay themselves pointed me in the direction of this)

"Also, in the item description, the seller should set out clearly the amount or percentage of VAT that will be charged.

If there is no mention of VAT in the item description, the seller should not add VAT to the final item price. In such a case, if VAT is legally due, the seller bears the responsibility of paying that VAT to the appropriate authorities according to any applicable laws and regulations. Again, if there is any question as to the seller?s VAT responsibilities, the seller should consult an independent tax advisor and/or local tax authority."

He only place he mentions the VAT is in the payment instructions at the bottom of the page.

I know, I know.... I should have read the whole advert, but I have now over 200 purchases on eBay and I have never got caught like this before. with VAT charges buried in the small print.

I also think that sellers should be forced to show VAT inclusive prices on buy-it-now items, ebay is retail site and as such should the people who trade there not have to include vat in their displayed prices??

I can see the point that in an auction situation that the amount of VAT is unknown until the end, but the addition of it "must" be mentioned in the item description and not buried in the small print.

So a running battle with the seller for week, to try and get the VAT back, eBay are as of today "going to take action within 24hrs" ho ho!

I have also tried to lodge a complaint with the "Square Trade" people, what a load of shite that is.....if you don't want to pay $29.95 they don't even look at the case to mediate. They are just another level of scammers.

So my advice is if you see the Square Dealers" logo and get warm cosy feeling that it offers you some protection...ignore it, it's just another scam.

Sorry for the rant.


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In article , Rich writes

...And this, of course, is enough to meet the eBay conditions (and, incidentally, the provisions of VAT law, which states that a contract price is deemed to be inclusive of VAT unless it is specifically stated as exclusive). You have been caught by your own lapse.

I entirely agree. I have never bid on a VAT-exclusive auction, and would only do so if I was desperate for the item in question. I would *like* eBay to make all auctions VAT-inclusive, but failing that I would like any "plus VAT" sales to be marked as such in the search lists (or have a tab to simply exclude them from the list of found items). And as for the (relatively few ) auctioneers who add a buyer's premium or commission, this is outrageous, and probably is against eBay's terms

This is irrelevant; VAT is always a percentage of the selling price, and it is not necessary to state the cash amount in advance.

BTW, if you are determined to win your argument with the seller, you could always return the item under the distance selling regulations. These apply to all sales by businesses to remote customers - and if he is charging VAT he can hardly deny he is selling by way of trade. You do not have to give any reason (but there is a strict time limit), and he is obliged to return the price plus postage. If he does not play, your credit card company should reverse the transaction if you complain (though the interposition of PayPal complicates things a bit). Of course, he will probably give you negative feedback (not entirely without justification) and there is not much you can do about that.

If I were you I would just put it down to experience, and read the blurb more carefully in future.


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David Littlewood

Have to agree with you there are some right scammers on Ebay. Looking for a digi caliper the other day some great bargians until you see the post and packing charge. Must be being sent via space shuttle. I got one from Aldi on sunday for less than the P&P charge of the eeeeepayovertheoddsbay sellers.


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