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Evening All, Well the TOS is in the garage :) had to set the head all the way over (much head scratching until I spotted the dowel holding it in position...) but then there was 2" clearance thro the door :) Now Im a bit confused about Tapers, The rather wonderful, typed manual states: Spindle taper Int.Std No 40. No problem I thought, lets look for some tooling.... Arrgh, many many different '40' types... Am I right in thinking that essentially all types (BT, DIN, ISO, etc) will fit, or do I have to be a bit careful? I notice that some seem to have a button on the end, I assume for CNC auto changers, does it unscrew? I have a drawbar in the mill, tho Ive no idea what the thread is, I assume there is a std for it...

Do Clarkson chucks only hold the threaded milling cutters? whats the general opinion of clarkson vs er chucks? I can see that I could use an er for drilling to, but I suppose I should by a drill chuck for that really.

one other thing, It has a nasty coolant tank, any tips for emptying / cleaning it?

Ive just about got the lathe sussed, but I think Im back the the start with this mill.



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All type 40's will fit provided they have a thread on the end. Some will be 5/8" whit and some 16mm, lengths can vary between NMTB and BT because the BT don't have the parallel bit at the top.

Most BT's are metric and the ones with no top parallel bit and usually the ones with the parallel bit are imperial.

There are always exceptions to the rule. Best to make your drawbar to fit the shortest taper and use spacers on anything longer.

Clarkson only holds threaded cutters as it needs the thread to pull the collet tight. You need 4 metric collets, 6mm, 10,, 12mm, 16mm and

4 imperial, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" anything else and you are stuffed.

ER can hold any size cutter drill or tap given a full set of collets. each collet will hold a range of 1mm or 40 thou.

4 collets will hold the previous 8 sizes.

You are asking now you have moved it inside ? If it was outside 1/2 a stick of blasting plastic works wonders, tape the windows first...........

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John Stevenson

Good, thats almost as simple as I thought (hoped)

I guess Ill get whichever turns up first at a reasonable price, and go from there.

I seemed sensible to get it inside whilst I had the man with the Hiab / big bar/ macinery skates available. I dont think explosives inside the garage would be a good idea



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