Does Good Vactra No.2 Slideway Oil Stink or Not?

I bought a litre of Mobil Vactra No.2 Slideway Oil for my Mini Lathe but I
was surprised to find it really stinks of smoke. I think it's probably
called a sulphurous smell too. I've Google around and it seems some say
their oil stinks and others say theirs has virtually no smell, but I can't
see more than one opinion of the same batch of oil, so I can't tell if it's
the oil or the users that come in two varieties! Either way, I can't use
what I bought because it will stink my home out! I was looking forward to it
dealing with the 'stick & slip' problem it's supposed to be so good for. Can
anyone clear up the mystery?
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You could try chainsaw oil instead. I get the stuff from Toolstation and have not been aware of an significant smell from it.
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Bob Minchin
Try a peg over the nostrils.
Cliff Coggin.
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Cliff Coggin
A lot of people say that my machining stinks, but now you mention it I reckon its the slideway oil. Alan
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I contacted the supplier who said they'd bought several large containers of Vactra No.2 over the years and it always smelt the same, so it sounds like it's not a case of different batches of oil smelling different. He added that he could understand that my finding the smell from a freshly opened tin strong, but he reckoned I wouldn't notice much from the small amount used on a lathes slideways. I guess I'll try leaving some in an open container for a few days and see how it smells after that.
Chainsaw oil sounds very interesting, but does it have the the required properties for slideway lubrication?
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