Not sure if this is the best group for this question so apologies if
it is not.
I have recently aquired a Dremel 395 high speed drill and the
associated "drill press".
Much to my surprise Dremel do not produce a machine vice to fit the
drill press.
I could possibly use a small vice from the usual engineering sources
but the items I wish to hold whilst drilling and shaping are delicate
and could easily snap even with care.
Therefore I am looking for a lightweight drill press vice of about 50
mm jaw width which can be opened to 60mm (say)
It should, if possible, have a fine thread for the jaws for precise
adjustment and pressure on the items to be held
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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John Curzon
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John, I have just finished a job tonight that was 3,000 small stainless blades with teeth, similar to the feeder feet on a sewing machine but 3" long. These had to be held tight but not too tight as to distort whilst I milled a groove in them.
I bought two of the camlock vices from Arc Euro Trade. Sorry if I appear to keep harping on about these people but they are real handy to me just down the motorway. I can collect parts in just over a hour and that can save me two days waiting.
I bought the bigger version, took it off the swivel base and milled some profile jaws up. These did the job just fine and held the plates perfectly. I see the smaller one nearly meets your spec but it's only 55 mm opening, however the fixed jaw is quite chunky and a lump milled off or a new jaw will give you the 60mm you are looking for.
The camlock action gives you a nice feel [ which is more than I've had lately
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John Stevenson
Have you checked the end play on your Dremel? I've seen as much as 2mm which, whilst it wouldn't cause any problems when straight drilling, would prove to be somewhat inconvenient when milling.
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Stephen Howard
Many thanks for the reply and apolgies for not answering sooner.
After much headscratching I came across a vice for the wolfcraft and dremel drill press stand. Cannot remember the search terms but I eventually got to
formatting link
and they supply exactly what I was looking for.
In fact it is a wolfcraft item but perfect for the small work I will be doing.
Thanks for the input
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How good is the dremel drill press stand. I had considered getting one for small holes -easier than building the George Thomas pillar tool & sensitive drill attachment (and cheaper) plus up to 30,000 rpm.
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Kevin Steele

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