Dremel spindle thread size

Does anyone have a Dremel multitool, and could they tell me the
length/diameter/pitch of the spindle thread? It may be imperial as these
things are American, and around 7mm/0.275" dia.
Reason is, I found a little dremel 3-pin chuck - just right for a
high-speed drill, except the thread in the back is obscured by a central
pin and not accessible to measure.
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Guy Griffin
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I haven't got an actual Dremel, but I have three dremel-type tools - the collet chucks on all three have M8 x 0.8 threads (even though the collets are not interchangeable - some are longer than others).
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Peter Fairbrother
My RotoCraft tool has metric threads too. The tools don't fit my Dremel Professional. Nor does my metric thread pitch gauge. And I couldn't find my imperial gauge. Quick and dirty (calipers and counting) measurements of the Dremel spindle are:
OD 7.2mm (9/32"?) Pitch around 0.63mm (40tpi?) The spindle has just under 12mm threaded, and 2mm unthreaded (at the end you hold). With a Dremel chuck fully screwed on there is 2mm of thread still showing.
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Tim Auton
Thanks Tim, much appreciated. A bit more web searching in various (US) forums suggests most people clock it as .275" x 40tpi, so 9/32" (without clearance) seems very likely.
I'm not surprised oriental copy tools aren't interchangeable, they seem to prefer metric!
cheers Guy
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Guy Griffin
Workshop Practice Series No. 27 "Spndles" by Harprit Sandhu gives the following dimensions for the Dremel Thread - 0.277" x 40 TPI On pages 132/133 drawings for the spindle, collet & cap
Regards Brian
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