Emergancy Stop implementation

I'm planning a scheme for emergency stop buttons in the workshop and am considering using the existing RCDs as the switching element. I have a three phase board equipped with a 100mA RCD and a split single phase board with the ring mains on a 30mA RCD. By having emergency stop buttons with two n/o contacts, each with a suitable resistor switching a phase to ground I can introduce a momentary fault current which trips the appropriate RCD but leaves the lighting circuits with power. . Very handy having a button by the exit to ensure everything is off when leaving.

Seems very simple, and I've proved it works, can anyone see any drawbacks to this scheme?


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Andrew Mawson
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What about throwing a crowbar into the dizzy box as you lock up at night ?

John s.

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John S

I can only think of wear on the RCD. I can't think if there is anything illegal in there as far as the electricity regs go. You should really have a no-volt release MCB for that though as they are designed for such applications. I'm sure you know this though but I should I should say so.


Andrew Maws> I'm planning a scheme for emergency stop buttons in the workshop and

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Rob Wilson

Emergency switches should be n/c, not n/o.


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Nick Mueller

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