End Mill / Peripheral Milling.

Help, I'm overwhelmed by the variety on offer & more than a little miffed that some don't do what it says on the box.

I'm wanting a decent quality milling tool to CNC peripheral mill a shape from aluminium 6082 bar stock. The item is roughly 4" x 21/2" and 1" deep.

I'm getting best results from a 10mm carbide TiAIN end mill, I know this shouldn't be suitable but I've tried lots & spent £££'s on variuos bits.

Someone out there must be succesfully doing this type of work & has been thru the learning process.

My max rpm is 3500 and collet size to 16mm. I'd try Mitsubishi's Ali Master but I can't find 'em cheaper than £50+ ???

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What cutter you use is determined by the material,machine and volume.So far you`ve gave us one of these.


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