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Does anyone here have prescription safety specs ? If so then I'm interested to hear where they got them from. The type I'm after have the little side shields and glass (or plastic) string enough to take a hit from flying metal etc.

I did google but am interested to hear people's actual experiences and recommendations.


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Yes I have a pair with the side shields and bifocal plastic lenses.

They work, in so far as the worst they have had to deal with is dust and stone / brick chips. I got them at the same time as I got new glasses for everyday use, through my local optician.

I can't rememeber the manufacturer of the glasses, and I have long since lost the receipt, but the local optician had no trouble in sourcing them.

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brightside S9

Our optician supplied mine, I don't use the side shields but otherwise they are fine.

The certification/writing on the lenses can be a pain, it is visible at the top if you are looking at a strong light, but otherwise no problem.

I believe that the frames and arms are standard kit, just the side shields and lenses are added to safety specs.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK

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Peter A Forbes

Have you seen the stick-on reading lenses? they work very well for sunglassess too. Look for optx on ebay or elsewhere

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Haven't got any yet, but am planning to order some next week after payday. The company should pay for at least one of the two pairs, but the overdraft won't stand for me ordering them this week...

I'm torn between:-

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so I'll probably go somewhere completely different.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

Loads of people round here recommend these

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Colin Reed

I've had good service from

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Not ordered safety glasses from them but I'd be surprised if they can't offer a solution. They are usually very quick to respond to email queries and glasses tend to arrive in a couple of days.


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Bob Minchin

yes i have some they cost around =A37.50 +vat a pair and i get them from they come in diferent powers i think 1.5 2.0 and 2.5


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Those aren't prescription specs. If one eye needs 1.5 and the other needs 3 then they are totally useless.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

When I was working we had prescription safety glasses made by UVEX, my employer used Peepers and also Spec Savers, try giving them a call if you have local branches. David

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david homer

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