Flat Belt

A coleague has just phoned to ask if I knew a source for flat belting about 300mm x 8mm.

He doesn't know about newsgroups and the massive advantage there is in spreading knowledge so I offered to beg the question for him :)

This is apparently for a high speed engraving head spindle that is described in the current MEW.


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How about running one of these on its back?

formatting link
It is 9mm wide but the pulley could be modified.

The other possibility is to run a round polyurethane heat jointed belt in a vee pulley. Tony sells this from lathes.co.uk



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Bob Minchin

I've just measured the brush-bar driving belt off a VAX upright vacuum cleaner. It's nominally 300mmx15mmx2mm. Maybe there's something to work with there. They're available online direct and probably from CPC. But your local shop may have something in stock.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

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