Floating Hand reamers ??


If I have a hand reamer with a parallel shank can it somehow be "floated" from the tailstock to ream a drilled hole or must a machine reamer with tapered shank in a floating chuck be used ?

Or at the end of the day is it better to just use the hand reamer by hand out of the lathe???

Hope this makes sense.

regards Tim

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Tim Nash (aka TMN)
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Assuming it has a center hole in the back why not use a tap wrench to hold it, and the tailstock to guide it? That said Ive used han reamers in the mill by just 'chucking' them in a collet on the shank, and that worked ok for what I needed


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dave sanderson

Same here.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

You can get floating reamer holders with collets, I've got one for my mill. Alternatively put a chuck in an MT floating holder, though the weight might then become an issue. I should think holding it in a tailstock chuck will do a better job than holding it by hand, depending in part on how good your tailstock alignment is.


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Tim L

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