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A friend would like to know where to find the article or whatever it is by G. H. Thomas, about clamping, This appears to be about making a clamp set for a milling machine. He has tow of his books. Thank you Dave Foreman

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David L. Foreman
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Page 43 of "The Model Engineers Workshop Manual" has a 2-page section called "Clamps" which contains drawings and text about making some work-holding clamps. I _think_ the book is still available from Tee Publishing but can't guarantee it. If it isn't, and the 2-page article is indeed what is wanted, then would it be unethical to photo-copy it?

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Gary Wooding


I recently bought the book from (with about 4 others !!). It is very good.


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try 1974, aids to setting up,

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Was AIDS around in 1974 ?

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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

There's a copy available for £10 on

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Russell Eberhardt

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