Help needed to get started with Mach3

I've had a CNC mill (and mach3) for a while but not had the time to play with them - now I have the time but the first steps seem rather daunting. As a first CNC project I want to machine an "S" shape out of a flat plate, preferably with beveled edges. It would be good to be able to do simple engraving on the top.

Is there a good (free, ideally) CAD package to do the drawing in? Once I've got a drawing, how do I generate the G-code for mach3.

(Apologies for the very basic questions but we all have to start somewhere and I would be very grateful for any guidance)

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You can use google sketchup.

Some useful info here:

formatting link

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Cad drawing try Siemens PLM Solid Edge 2D drafting. It is EXTREMELY capable and FREE. To generate the G-code try "Cambam Plus" again very capable and you get 40 tries before it drops down a cog. Less that £100 to buy. Just for info I am using Linux CNC again at no cost.

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