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Good afternoon I was wondering if you could help me with some information. My father in law has just come into possession of a lathe which is unfortunately in pieces & we are attempting to find some instructions & possible some spare parts or any documentation to go with it. Unfortunately the only information that we have is that it is possibly a Russian copy of a Colchester Triumph & a possible model number of HS1020 we also have 2 other numbers one is on the right hand side at the back of the bed & is 21576674. The other is on the back of the bed left hand side & is 956 n 654 w60. Any help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks Andy Pegg

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Andy P
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I don't have anything information myself but why not try looking through the pix at the machine tools archive at ?

Failing that, if you can take pictures of the lathe pieces you have then I'm sure the guy who runs that site would be interested to see them and might be able to identify it for you.


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Andy, One of these ?

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If so I have one but no books on it. Wiring diagram is inside the end cover, tailstock side or should be. It's a pre selector gearbox that's worked by dialing in the speed then pulling and pushing the front lever to engage.

They are not as rare as you think, I have seen 4 more on Ebay and the web but no documentation on them.

Chances of spares are very remote.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

Looks like a later type Stanko. Had an earlier one at a place I used to work for. Standard of finish wasn't brilliant on most components, but it was stiff, solid and dependable. There's pics of a similar machine here:

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Cheers, Scruff.

John Stevens>

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