I must get some new Glasses

I've only been wearing them for 4 years, and just for reading/computer etc., but I reckon I need a new pair already.

There I was, just about to screwcut a 3/8th BSF thread, checked the thread depth on the Zeus charts, then indexed it in over a couple of passes to 0.052" deep.

Of course when I tried the nut on, the fit was like the proverbial in a top hat. Looking back in the good book again I saw the depth should have been 0.032" and I read it as 0.052".....

Time for an eye test methinks.


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Peter Neill
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I've taken to reading my Zeus charts with the handy magnifying lens that sits on my toolbox - not only due to age related deteriorating eyesight but because some of the fine printing frankly is rubbish - looks as though it was over inked !


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Andrew Mawson

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