Lathe tools for wood - HSS vs carbide tips

Which is better for wood turning the HSS or the replaceable carbide tips?

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Rob W
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Hss for the little wood turning I have done.

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Neil Ellwood

There are several threads on carbide tipped tools in the Lathes & Woodturning section -

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There is no definitive answer of course but I suspect that the carbide tipped tools are becoming popular because they remove the learning curve that is required to both use & sharpen HSS tools.

If you want to hog out large amounts of wood quickly, having one carbide tipped tool would seem to be the way to go.

Regards wasbit

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I just make tips from old HSS machine hacksaw blades silver-soldered to something better than mild steel. (Usually old files, which can be used without the tip if hardened and tempered skilfully)

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