Looking for book on how steam locomotives work

Hi. I am interested in making a model steam locomotive, but before I
start I would like to find out what's going on inside one. One book
looks good to me: "How steam locomotives really work" by Semmens and
Goldfinch. I have a background in Calculus and Statistics (to stage
1), but not Physics or Mechanical Engineering. Also I know how to
drive and fire a steam locomotive, and a little about how they work
(from Wikipedia). Would this book be a wise purchase?
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I don't know that particular book, but can suggest another one to look at. May be better, may be worse, I don't know. "How Steam Locomotives Work" by David Wilson, published by Argus Books, ISBN 1-854486-080-1
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How Steam Locomotives Really Work is a good read and you'll really understand some of the challenges and design options in full size. It doesn't tell you how to drive one nor does it detail some of the issues that come with scale but it's =A36.49 well spent on Amazon
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..and supplement whatever books might be suggested by others with a look at these two sites:
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