Lots of Workshop Tooling available

I was over at TJH toolmakers in Clacton today (the one that shut up
shop a month or so ago). All the machines are gone now but he has
loads of tooling available if anyone is interested.
About a dozen machine vices plain and rotating, mainly 6", but also
both a 3" & a 6" Abwood tilt and swivel, several dividing heads with
chucks, angle plates, tilting angle plates, 6 mag chucks, surface
plates from large - 4' x 2' - to 15"dia round surface plates ,lots
of measuring instruments, die grinders, tools, chuck blocks, a brass
clinometer, grinding wheel radius dressers, as well as boring heads
and indexable cutters in R8 & 40 INT, lots of standard cutters,
reamers, and other tooling.
Obviously lots of stuff not listed here, but may be worth giving him a
call & asking. You can contact Steve hale at TJH on 01255 429729. I
don't know how cheap he will be, but I guess that would up to your
haggling skills:)
I have no connection other than saying I would let you guys know that
stuff is available there.
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