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Located in Fullerton, California and in Taft, California, (near
Hardinge HC chucker...rough but works. $900 obo
I can supply some tool holders etc.
Victor copy of Hardinge DV-59, have some tooling plus cross slide $1200
OmniTurn retrofit on Hardinge HC base. Runs well, needs paint
Runs well. As Im the So. Cal Omniturn tech....shrug.... $9k
30" Kodak Optical very well. 115vts $2k obo
BIG! Excellent condition!
Covel Surface grinder. Works well, needs paint. Will add some wheels and
chuck for buyer. $350 Heavy cast iron machine.
Quantiy of 0-1" Mechanical digital micrometers, Mity and Fowler $25 each
Excellent shape! All have cases.
Surface plates, mostly Grade A, some Bs, smallest is 12x18, largest
2'x3". I have 13 of them. Starting at $25 -75. Some have stands
Mity micrometers, 6-7" 9-10, 10-11, 11-12: All are mechanical digital,
most have standards and cases. From $90-110. Excellent shape!
Airco 300 AMP industrial Mig welder, 230/440 3ph. Clean, looks good, has
near new Tweeco gun on feeder. $1200 obo (Taft) Ready to burn wire!
Lincoln Idealarc-250 amp single phase AC/DC welder,.works very well. On
Lincoln factory cart. Long leads in good shape $275 OBO (Taft)
3 Excellent Bechler A-10 swiss screw machines
1 Excellent Bechler AR-10 swiss screw machines.
Complete, with bar feeders, tooling, lots of goodies and accessories.
These machines are LOADED with goodies.
Photos are available. Late model Bechlers before Tornos bought them.
$8k for the lot. OBO. There are jobs that might be available for these
machines from a client in So. Cal.
Lots more Stuff.
This is part of my shop in a larger shop in Fullerton California, a shop
that I dont expect to keep the doors open very much longer. Rather than
move this stuff 160 miles north to my place and put it into storage..Id
like to unload most/all of it.
I have other goodies such as a 31' scissor lift etc etc that Im planning
at the moment on keeping., but may sell in the near future. I would
CERTAINLY trade this 4'x 10' beasty for a simple 20' small scissor lift
in good condition.
I might trade some of the above for transport of a 20' conex to my
homestead along with whatever machines remain unsold.
Inspection onsight is available by appointment.
Gunner, 805-732-5308
The current Democratic party has lost its ideological basis for
- It is NOT fiscally responsible.
- It is NOT ethically honorable.
- It has started wars based on lies.
- It does not support the well-being of americans - only billionaires.
- It has suppresed constitutional guaranteed liberties.
- It has foisted a liar as president upon America.
- It has violated US national sovereignty in trade treaties.
- It has refused to enforce the national borders.
...It no longer has valid reasons to exist.
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Gunner Asch
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Keep you eye open for a hardness tester and a tensile tester.
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I have a hardness tester. Ill have further information for you at the end of the week. The bastard is Heavy! No idea if it works. Ill check it out and post some pictures.
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Gunner Asch
And he wonders why they don't sell there ...
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Monica Lewinsky and who's the other one?
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Stormin Mormon
Don't let your wife catch you!
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Stormin Mormon
Lorena Bobbet. DUH!

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Bob La Londe
You will be paying the appropriate (and I mean by California and US tax law, not by your opinion) taxes on the sales. Right?
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There is no sales tax on used "personal property" manufacturing equipment under Cal. 671.(1).
Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
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Gunner Asch
Why did not his creditors take posession?
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Oh, I'm so sorry! Total brain failure.
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Stormin Mormon
The bottom line is that creditors know that shameless deadbeats like gummer have the advantage. He's undoubtedly assured them (as he has readers here several times), that he doesn't own anything worth selling. Which is probably somewhat true. Notice that he's anticipating poor sales, and willing to barter for moving some of this old iron to his home where it will continue to rot just like he does day after day on Usenet. And consider that in the 5 years or so since his first health event, he's managed to pay more for smokes than the dollar a day it would have cost to pay his property taxes, something that would have been a must-do for a normal person. Judging by those priorities, it's a safe bet that he didn't pay a nickel of the early hospital bills. So even if there are any proceeds from his attempt to sell this stuff, he'll just use the cash to pay his most pressing bills like power, phone, and soda, and his major creditors will get bupkis. If other readers are interested in buying any of his stuff, I suggest that you handle like I would - only pay directly to his creditors.
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============ In all fairness, Gunner is simply an early exemplar of the "Brave New World Order" and "global economy" in action on the micro scale and is conducting his business affairs using the GMC/AIG/Lehman models. In other words, "what goes around comes around."
Your anger, even rage, is totally understandable, but the cause is not Gunner and his ilk, but the destruction of the collective bourgeoisie B/S fantasies that formed the basis for much of your [and my] view of reality such as "the rule of law" and "inviolability of contracts." In point of fact, this was a highly artificial construct, and even in its prime, large numbers of people such as women, the economically disadvantaged, and minorities were excluded from many, even most, of its implicit/tacit provisions and assumptions.
We are all in a new era, the old rules no longer apply, and the new ones are not yet in place. Try to avoid being Don Quixote jousting at windmills and vainly attempting to maintain the norms of a chivalry that never was.
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Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Innovations" (1597-1625).
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F. George McDuffee
Why? I thought you were proud of being a Mor(m)on...
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Curly Surmudgeon
Hardly George. There isn't anything new about stealing. What is new is the willingness of others to do business with such.
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John R. Carroll
They couldn't lift it.
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Yah..what he said!
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Gunner Asch
Some pictures of some of my Stuff for Sale
formatting link

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Gunner Asch
Speaking of Stealing, which I never about returning my Milwaukee 9" grinder set.
Gunner, wondering how Johnboy got out of the kill file again.
Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
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Gunner Asch
Im sorry for your luck, I been laid off since last Dec.
You should of got some Mexicans and made some cheap guns to sell in this boom were in. Around 85 I was out in Cali and visited the Raven 25 factory. They gave me a shell extractor and spring for free for a shot out Raven 25 I had. I must of shot 5000 round out of that gun , and sold it for $50. They were less then that new.
What was interesting is the whole gun was made with pre made jigs and drill presses. Put gun in jig , drill hole, next station, put gun in jig, drill hole. At the end you had a gun. And you could just walk in and out of the place whenever you wanted.
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