FS/Hardinge TFB

Ive decided to sell the Hardinge TFB Ive been using as my #2 lathe. Frankly..Ive run out of room in the shop. And simply dont use it as much as the HLV-H

Its ugly, homely, needs a coat of paint, is an English made narrow bed, with crank vari-drive..the crank comes out the front of the machine. And it was wired by a drunken and dislexic color blind Italian.

But it cuts very very nicely

Includes the 5C collet closer, 3 jaw, probably a 4 jaw, back splash guard, working collant pump etc etc etc.

Located near Bakersfield California.

$2k firm...but willing to trade for bits and pieces, firearms etc etc. Cash of course..is king.

Come get it soon! Ive got to put the Abene somewhere!

Oh..for those that dont know what a TFB is... Hardinge made a tool room lathe that didnt thread. Turn/Face/Bore. Other than not having a threading gearbox..its a Hardinge toolroom lathe..and is accurate as hell.

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Hardinge TFB high-speed, non-screwcutting Capacity 11" x 18"

1 1/16" collet capacity 6" step chuck capacity 5" jaw chuck capacity Speeds to 3000 rpm

It will have Hardinge Turret tool holder and live tailstock goodies.

If I spent a weekend cleaning it up and repainting..the price would go up to $4k if I sold it on the open market.

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I hate painting machines. Come and get it before I have to dig out the paint stripper!!

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I have a threading attachment for Hardinge HC that might fit this one.

Anyway, $2k is not a bad price if it still can hold tolerance etc.

Making $2k over a weekend is not so bad.

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