wanna split truck rental? (West Coast)

I have a partial load I need to haul from Tucson to Seattle. It isn't
economically feasible unless I can find someone to split the cost of
a truck rental with. I'm looking for someone who wants cheap shipping on
something biggish (you get one half of a 15' truck) going somewhere between
Tucson->Phoenix->Los Angeles->points north all the way to Seattle near I-5.
The truck has to be in Seattle by March 8th or it's a no-go. Can leave as
early as Monday, March 1st. I am planning to drive this truck myself and
am a reasonably experienced driver of a 10-ton truck.
Grant Erwin
Kirkland, Washington
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Grant Erwin
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How much for a piece of it, from Santa Ana, California to my place?
I have about 6500 lbs worth of machines, all or part of them.
Clausing 1500 at 2000lbs 40" x 7' Hardinge HLV-H 1500lbs 40'x 5' Gorton 016-A mill, 1500 lbs 40"x 4' (roughly) Hardinge HC Chucker.. 1500 lbs 40" x 5'
I REALLY need to get the Clausing and the HLV-H out of the shop before the guy changes his mind. ASAP
I can unload with a fork lift in Taft. AND Ill put you up for the night and feed you. And let you play with the HLV-H
I can pay with some small amount of cash, or trade for?
Aprox miles= 200
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