Centrifugal mass finishing

I'd like a brief description of the centrifugal mass finishing
process. I believe it uses dry rather than wet media. I have small
steel parts under 1" dia and under 0.25" length that I would like to
polish. No more than 10 parts at a time. Currently I buff and polish
by hand. Is a scaled-down centrifugal mass finisher something I could
build, rather than purchase? If I understood the concept and media
used, I may attempt it. I know I can use dry media in a tumbler, but
centrifugal mass finishing is supposed to be much faster.
Ed Parker
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I had never heard of it so did a quick look on Google and found bunches of references. Apparently it is a bunch of tumblers arranged on a bigger wheel somewhat like a ferris wheel and rotating in the opposite direction.
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Dan Caster
Greetings Ed, I worked at a place where we used one of these. Can't remember the name but it was used wet. The containers were arranged on a disc about 3' in dia.. They were at the perimeter and as the disc turned the containers were also turned. The method was fast and would drive the abrasive media into holes and it would be hell to remove. So the media needs to be sized correctly. Cycle time was less than a minute for most of the parts we did. It took much longer to load than to run. As I said all the time we used it the media was wet. But since dry polishing is done in both vibratory and tumbling machines you could give it a try. The machine we had protected the operator from the spinning disc by a layer of 1/4 or 5/16 thick steel. So it was obvious that if something went wrong a lot of energy could be expended stopping flying parts. ERS
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Eric R Snow

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