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i install pro/e in my home for training, I can't find the Mass button, and i can't defined he mass by the *.mat file.


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Mass is density*volume, in other words, a calculated value. Or you stick the thing on a scale and weigh it. Pro/e can handle either one, depending on what information you give it. If you assign a material to a part, the *.mat files generally come with a density (plus a lot of other physical properties of the material). You access this with 'Edit>Setup>Materials>Assign>From File'. If your config option PRO_MATERIAL_DIR points to the location of your materials files, the above should show you a list of available materials. To see what info the file contains, do 'Show' and accept the file name. You can also edit, define and save the materials files from this interface. For this material definition to faciltate model analysis of mass properties ('Analysis>Model Analysis>Mass props>Calculate'), the material file needs just two pieces of information: density of the material and the units that this density is expressed in which must be the abbreviation of the units system that you will see under 'Edit>Setup>Units' (proe_def, ips, cgs, mmns, etc.).

One other function under 'Setup' that is useful when you don't have materials files is 'Mass Props'. This menu item opens an interface for assigning density and other measured properties to a part. In this way, you need neither the material files nor the calculation of mass properties. You must change the source of the properties to parameters. Then you can type in density, cog, mass, etc.

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