FS/ Logan Lathes-California

For sale: (3) 10" Logan Lathes

First lathe is a 10x31, quick change gearbox, complete and running on a wooden cabinet. Includes a Good 6" 3 jaw chuck and some tooling. Runs well and this is the first lathe I owned. Ways are in excellent condition and there is minimal backlash in the crossfeed and compound


$1000 OBO

Second lathe is a 10x24, under drive on the factory steel cabinet, Includes a Good 3 jaw chuck and some tooling. 3ph motor. Quick Change Gearbox The ways are in good condition but there is some backlash in the crossfeed and compound. Still a very good user and in decent shape. $900 OBO

Third lathe is a 10x24 parts machine. Ways are in excellent condition, with a bit of light surface rust. Apron is complete and in good condition. This is a change gear machine and someone has robbed all the gears from the left side of the lathe. Lead screw is in excellent shape. No tailstock. $300 obo

Ive simply run out of room to keep these lathes and need the space.

Located in Taft, California, 2.5 hrs north of L.A.

I can load.

I also have a draw tube, spindle nose cap and some collets for either lathe that will be sold only with one of the above lathes.


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