Model Engineers Workshop No 50

One of my friends who does not have Internet access has asked if anyone
has the Myford ML7B Metric screwcutting information from that edition.
His copy and my copy seem to have vanished.
Would some kind soul like to copy the article to me so that I can
print and seal it for him?
Between us,George and I have quite a number of EIM's and MEW's should
people want a specific article.
Thanks in anticipation
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I think my copies go back that far - left me have a look tonight and I will e mail you to confirm.
I will try scanning and send you a PDF copy, is that ok?
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Steam Train Dave
I have scanned the data-sheets, converted to PDF and emailed them to you. Coincidently, there was an article about enhancing a Super 7 in the same magazine.
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Initially, # Might I thank Pat and you both for coming to our rescue. I have downloaded the charts and will pass them on to my friend. He also asks whether he could have the article which is inside the volume. We both have Super 7B's and this would be great. Again, thanks to you all. Norman lemel_man wrote:
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