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Hi all,

I have just picked up my new lathe. It is a Boxford lathe but I have no idea as to what model it is, or even what it will do for me. But it works, it was cheap and I fancied it!

It is currently 3-phase.

My real interest is model planes and helis, as well as general pottering, so it'll have some use in the years to come.

I would like to know if anyonbe can tell me what sort of Boxford lathe it is, if there's anything special I ought to know about it and, I guess, whether it's "any good".

I came with a few bits and bobs, the most unusual (to me) was a four jaw chuck.

Should I leave it on 3-phase or is it possible to change it over? How do I get 3-phse to my workshop??

Images of said lathe are at...

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for info on all types of lathe info

whereabouts in the country do you live

-- bolma

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Three phase in the work shop has two solutions;

  1. get it from your electricity supplier from outside your house ..... new cable, connection and fuse/distribution box ..... and it's a tad expensive. Start thinking about £1000 plus is my guess.

  1. Use a single phase to three phase converter ....... much cheaper and will do the job just for the lathe. Usually comes as a box of electronics that will fit on your wall maybe about 18" square. Look in the model mags or the model shows for adverts/exhibitors who stock them.

Hope it goes well for you


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Alan Marshall

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  1. Fit a single phase motor (Not worthwhile if you want performance)

  1. Reconfigure the motor 220v delta and wire in an Inverter drive (VFD) By far the best solution. Gives you variable speed, as well as a smooth running motor.

John S may be able to do a good deal on a vfd. I've bought several from him in the past.


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Wayne Weedon

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I have a 3 phase cable running through my land. Asked the leccy company to quote me on a connection.

To put a pole in the ground with a box on the top. The pole to be situated directly above the cable that is in the ground. how much?????????????

15,000 pounds!!!!!!!!! and that is not allowing for a connection between the pole and the workshop.

So now I have a nice 27kva genset and the leccy board can go swivel.

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