Boxford AUD metric lathe for sale North west

Hi Guys (and ladies is any reads this)
I am selling my Boxford AUD mark 3 lathe. In very good condition
( apart from paint ). 5inch by 20 or 22 inches.metic. Gearbox and
power cross feed. fixed and travelling steadies. 3 phase. 3 and four
jaw chuck. drive plate. tailstock drill chuck four way tool post.
coolant. There is other parts as well but the kids have just come in
my I can,t think ayny more.
Wallasey. =A3750.
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Mike cole
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: Hi Mike
Realise it was a fair while ago but I was curious to know whether your boxford was still available? If so I'd like to know a few more details
If your happy to speak by phone my number is 07841659858 or if you send me an email I'll get back to you with some questions.
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Yes .still for sale Mike
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Mike cole

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