Anyone know/recommend a supplier that sells 240mm o-rings?

Thanks Michael

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These guys will make just about anything:

Allseals Ltd

17-18 Roundtree Close Norwich NR7 8SX(Road Map) Norfolk Tel: 01603 486851 Internet: URL not known

They have a very large standard range. Worth a call.

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Tim Christian

| Hi, | | Anyone know/recommend a supplier that sells 240mm o-rings?

Diameter of the rubber strip?

In every area there is a small supplier of ball bearings, O rings etc. etc. Find it in Yellow pages and take the old one in. IME they are *very* amiable shops.

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Dave Fawthrop


01252 343 335

minimum order £ 2.00, they will post, and take credit cards.

I have found them fast and efficient.

They stock most standard sizes in a variety of materials.

You need to know the I D, cord diameter and material of the ring you need.

Having a BS 1806 size number helps.

# 176 = 3/32" cord, ID 9.237

# 177 = 3/32" cord, ID 9.487

might fit, thicker cords are available.

E-Mail me a few details and I may be able to sort out what fits.

N.B. Unimat 3 drive belts are # 333 =3/16" cord, 2.475" and # 336 = 3/16" cord, 2.850". These work well for me in nitrile rubber, and AIR only cost me 70 p each.

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Jonathan Barnes

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