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Anyone got a half-decent small-ish drill press they're looking to move on? Doesn't have to have a (working) motor, I've got motors.

Large-ish bench-mounted, probably, something with a throat depth at least

15". I'd also consider a floor-standing one if not too large.

Emphasis on decent bearings and so on - I've had a couple of the el-cheapo chinese variety which tend to rapidly develop play and wandering in the quill/head bearings, leading to a drill that wanders around all over the place.

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Austin Shackles
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Do you mean 15" from drill centre to the column horizontally or 15" twixt chuck and table vertically? The former does not sound like a 'smallish drill' to me!

I've got an old 3 phase Pollard Corona that has been waiting for some TLC that I might be persuaded to part with. Located near Southampton.

***king heavy and my back is not up to shifting it so you would need to bring help.


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Bob Minchin

On or around Wed, 02 Apr 2008 09:47:52 GMT, Bob Minchin enlightened us thusly:

15" as in 15" from chuck to table, vertically. Obviously, bigger is also suitable.

What sort of size/weight/money? (by email if you prefer, remove the spamtrap though)

3-phase per se no use to me, but I bet I've got a motor that'll go on it.

Southampton is not that close, but it could be worse.

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Austin Shackles

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